Glotman•Simpson Cycling is very proud of its Race Team and Race Ambassadors. Our teams travel year round participating in road and cyclocross races in British Columbia as well as in Washington and Oregon States. Stay up to date throughout the season by checking the Race Reports or check out the Glotman•Simpson Facebook Page for race and team photos. If you're interested in racing with the club, please contact us for more information.

Photo: Greg Descantes

Photo: Greg Descantes

Morgan Cabot

Category: 2

Profession: Business Intelligence Engineer

Item you could never leave for a ride without: Pink sunglasses and too many bananas.

Instagram @morgls  |  Twitter @morgls_c

A lover of time trials, mountains, and time trials up mountains, you will find me giddy on the start line of stage races, hill climbs, and any road race that features a long painful climb. This year I'm excited for a new challenge: backing off from racing to focus on helping our women's team develop. You might also find me looking for new gravel routes in the lower Mainland.

Outside of road and gravel cycling, I'm also in my happy place running, swimming, doing yoga and trying to do a pull-up. When I'm not chasing an endorphin rush, you can find me geeking out over databases and KPIs at the office.

Result Highlights:

1st Woman Overall, Ride for Water
1st Woman Overall, Leavenworth Gravel Fondo

1st, Elite BC Provincial Time Trial Championships
3rd, ITU Duathlon world Championship 25-29

1st Overall, Tour de Bloom Stage Race
1st, Elite BC Provincial Time Trial Championships
3rd, Cheemo Perogies Cycling Classic
1st Overall, Escape Velocity WTNC Series
1st, TT, Race the Ridge
2nd overall, Omnium, Race the Ridge
15th GC, 13th TT, Cascade Cycling Classic UCI Stage Race
1st, Women, Seymour Challenge

1st, Elite BC Provincial Championships Time Trial
1st TT, Tour of Walla Walla
1st, BC Cyclocross Premier Series
1st, Ochoco Gravel Roubaix
1st, The Ridge Circuit Race
1st, Cypress Challenge
1st, Rodeo CX
1st, Castle Cross CX
1st, ValleyCross CX

1st Overall and QOM, Prospera Valley Fondo
2nd, Cypress Challenge
3rd Overall, Escape Velocity WTNC Series
3rd TT, Race the Ridge
2nd TT, EV Stage Race

3rd Independence Valley RR (Pro/1/2)
1st Overall and QOM, Prosperra Valley Fondo
2nd Overall, (1st 20-29), RBC Whistler Granfondo
1st, Seymour Hill Climb

1st Overall, Escape Velocity WTNC
1st, Tour de Delta RR
2nd Overall, Leaders Jersey, Tour of Walla Walla
1st Overall, 1st Stage 2, Race the Ridge
1st Woman, Cypress Challenge

Photo: Hung Mai Photography

Photo: Hung Mai Photography

Rebecca Cohen

Category: 2


Item you could never leave for a ride without
Plenty of snacks

I am very happy to be returning for my fourth season with GSC. I tried my first Tuesday Nighter back in 2009, but quickly decided the sport was not for me. Instead, I pursued mountain biking and dabbled in triathlon before making my way back to racing in 2016. This year I look forward to returning to the peloton after missing most of last season due to injury. I strive to help my teammates get to the the top step of the podium all while improving race tactics and having fun. I also want to encourage more women to ride their bikes and try their first race.   

When I am not racing and training, you will find me riding my mountain bike, exploring on my touring bike, ski touring, hiking, or finding some way to spend time outside. I also enjoy reading books and baking post-ride treats! 

Result Highlights:

4th, San Dimas Road Race (Cat 3)
6th GC, San Dimas Stage Race (Cat 3)
1st, Race the Ridge Road Race (Cat 3) 2nd, Race the Ridge Criterium (Cat 3)
2nd overall, Race the Ridge Omnium (Cat 3) Missed rest of season due to injury

2nd, Race the Ridge Road Race (cat 4)
2nd, Race the Ridge Criterium (cat 4)
3rd, Race the Ridge TT (cat 4)
2nd Overall Race the Ridge Stage Race (cat 4)
2nd Wenatchee Downtown Criterium (cat 3/4)
1st Waterville Road Race (cat 3/4)
2nd Overall Tour de Bloom Omnium (cat 3/4)
2nd Metchosin Road Race (Cat 3/4)
4th Aldergrove Lake CX ( intermediate)
3rd Junkyard CX (intermediate)
3rd Queen's CX (intermediate)
1st Aldor Acres CX ( intermediate)
2nd Overall VCXC Kazlaw Cup Series (intermediate)

2016 (all Cat 4)
2nd, EV Spring Series Aldergrove Short RR
2nd, EV Spring Series Bradner RR
3rd, EV Spring Series Thunderbird RR
6th, Jeremy's Roubaix
4th, Race the Ridge Road Race
7th, BC Provincials Road Race
3rd, Robert Cameron Law Series Crit


Janna Gillick

Category: 2

Chemical Engineer

Item you could never leave for a ride without:
I've been riding long enough that I've forgotten nearly everything at some point...

Instagram @j_daw_g  |  Twitter @j_daw_g

This will be my third season racing with the Glotman Simpson team. My goal is to help the team continue to make an impact on the BC road racing scene while improving my strength, skills and tactics. It can be a challenge to balance life and a meaningful career with elite sport; I'm pleased to be joining a team with values and goals similar to mine.

Result Highlights

1st, Canadian Zwift Championships
1st, Jeremy’s Roubaix
1st, Race the Ridge Road Race
1st, Race the Ridge Hill Climb
1st overall, Race the Ridge Ominum
1st, Ballard Criterium, Seattle
1st, Race the Ridge Road Race
3rd, Russ Hay’s Grand Prix
9th, Gastown Grand Prix

1st, Overall BC Premier Series (Elite)
2nd, BC Provincial Road Race (Elite)
2nd, BC Provincial Time Trial (Elite)
3rd, BC Provincial Criterium (Elite)
1st, Ballard Criterium - Seattle
1st, Volunteer Park Criterium - Seattle
1st, Race the Ridge Road Race
3rd, Race the Ridge Hill Climb
1st, Race the Ridge Overall Omnium
1st, Wenatchee Twilight Crit
2nd, Metchosin Road Race
3rd, Robert Cameron Law Omnium

1st, Omnium, 1st, TT Robert Cameron Law
1st, Women, 5th Overall, Kluane-Chilkat International Bike Relay: Solo (238.3km)

10th, Canadian Cyclocross Championships
2nd, Robert Cameron Law Road Race

1st, BC Provincial Time Trial
2nd, BC Provincial Road Race
8th, Canadian Cyclocross Championships

7th, UCI Master’s World Cyclocross Championship (W35-39)

Canadian & Provincial Cyclocross Champion (Masters)

Photo:  Tammy Brimner

Krista matthews

Category: 2

Profession: Retail Operations Specialist at lululemon

Item you could never leave for a ride without: Sunglasses, I am a die hard Oakley fan.

Instagram @kristalilian & @evergreencycling

I bought my first road bike in 2015 and have been totally obsessed ever since. The sport of cycling keeps me challenged and intrigued as there is always opportunity to improve whether it be physical, mental or tactical. 2019 will be my fourth season racing with Glotman Simpson with the exception of the leap year I took traveling and racing around Australia. I look forward to building friendships and relationships with the women I race and ride with in the community. I love a good hill climb and inviting me to a ride up a mountain with you is the key to my heart.

3rd, BC Provincial Road Race (Cat 4) 1st, Giants Head Grind Hill Climb

Result Highlights

2018 1st, BC Provincial Road Race (Cat 3) 1st, BC Provincial Time Trial (Cat 3) BC ,Premier Series Winner (Cat 3) 3rd, Tour de Bloom Time Trial (Cat 3) 1st, Giants Head Grind Hill Climb 4th, Seymour Hill Climb 5th, Cypress Challenge

2017 (Australia)
2nd, York Cycling Hill Climb (B Grade) 3rd, PCDD Road Race (B Grade) 4th, Tom Lowry Road Race (B Grade) 4th, Hawthorn Crit (B Grade) 4th, Collie Donnybrook Classic (B Grade)

tamasin reno

Category: 3

UX Designer

Item you could never leave for a ride without:
Honey Stinger Waffles and Nuuns.

Instagram @tamasinellen  |  Twitter @tamasinreno

I’m so excited to return to GSC again in 2019. I’m looking forward to a role as race ambassador, primarily focusing my energy within the women's’ skills clinics, groups rides and hopefully encouraging more women into racing. However, you’ll still find me helping my teammates out at the local weekly races!

Outside of cycling I split my time between triathlon and UX design; I've also been told I’m a crazy cat lady in training. I love climbing hills, climbing mountains, anything that isn’t flat and racing in the heat. When I’m not cycling or training for triathlon, I like to spend time at yoga, at the gym, hiking, snowshoeing or cooking. I definitely need coffee in the morning, and my favorite food is sushi.

Result Highlights
ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Champion (30-­34)
2 X Long Distance Triathlon Canadian National Champion (30-­34)
2 X Long Distance Triathlon BC Provincial Champion (30­-34)
Olympic Distance Triathlon BC Provincial Champion (30-­34)
3rd, BC Provincial Cyclocross Championships (30-­34)

Photo: Jan Laesecke

Photo: Jan Laesecke

sonia taylor

Category: 2

Profession: Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering

Item you could never leave for a ride without:
Snacks and a credit card.

Instagram @soniabegoniart

I started cycling in 2013, and racing in 2015. This season will be my 4th season racing with GS, and my 3rd as a race ambassador. I love long climbs, races of attrition and I am working hard on learning to love criteriums! I'm excited to do lots of racing with my GS teammates this season and also hope to help encourage more women to get into cycling and racing. 

Outside of road cycling, I enjoy mountain biking, cyclocross races, and long gravel adventures with friends. I am also a full time master's student studying turbulent combustion modelling at UBC. 

Result Highlights
2018 1st Jeremy’s Roubaix (Cat 3) 2nd, GC Tour de Bloom (Cat 3) 2nd, Stage 1 Tour de Bloom Road Race (Cat 3) 4th, Tour de Bloom Criterium (Cat 3) 3rd, Tour de Bloom Stage 4 Road Race (Cat 3) 3rd, Race the Ridge Road Race (Cat 3) 5th Race the Ridge Omnium (Cat 3) 10th BC Provincial Criterium Championship, Elite 13th BC Provincial Road Championship, Elite 12th GC Mutual of Enumclaw Stage Race, Elite 8th Woman Cypress Challenge Hill Climb 1st Donkey Cross, Intermediate 1st Vanier CX, Intermediate 8th Lower Mainland Cyclocross Acadia, Elite 8th Lower Mainland Cyclocross Aldergrove, Elite

4th, Tour de Bloom Hill Climb (Cat 3/4)
1st, Metchosin Road Race (Cat 3/4)
 6th Omnium Tour de Bloom, (Cat 3/4) 2nd, Bradner Long RR (Cat 3)

5th, Race the Ridge (Cat 4)
7th, Tour de Bloom Road Race (Cat3/4)
7th Overall, Tour of Walla Walla GC (Cat 4)
3rd, VCXC Fort Langley Classic (Novice)

Roster Photo_Lora Genaille.JPG

Lora genaille

Category:  2

Profession: Registered Social Worker

Item you could never leave for a ride without: My patch kit and a rock

I love cycling! Over the years I’ve gone from riding a banana seat bike at the park equipped with handlebar tassels to street riding to bike polo to road cycling and eventually discovered a passion for criteriums and racing at the velodrome. I enjoy being a part of a team and feel honoured to be a member of the GSC squad. This year I hope to take on a number of hill climbs and work together with teammates to achieve our goals. 

In addition to cycling I enjoy music, photography, laughing and spending time with family and friends. 

I look forward to many more miles in the saddle with the GSC Race Team and Club!

Result Highlights
1st, Canadian Masters Criterium Championships
1st, Canadian Masters Road Race
1st, BC CX Championships, Single Speed
2nd, EV Spring Series, Aldergrove RR (cat 3)
3rd, PoCo Grand Prix (cat 3/4)
4th, Race the Ridge Time Trial (cat 3)
6th, Race the Ridge Criterium (cat 3)
3rd, RBC Gran Fondo (F35-49)

2nd, Americas Masters Games Hill Climb (F35-39)
2nd, Americas Masters Games Time Trial (F35-39)
4th, BC Provincial Time Trial Championships (cat 3)
2nd, EV Spring Series, Aldergrove Short RR (cat 4) 6th, Race the Ridge (Cat 4)
1st AG, Prospera Valley Gran Fondo (F30-39)
2nd AG, Prospera Valley Hill Climb (F30-39)

3rd, Provincial CX Championships, Single Speed


Madeline spangehl

Category:  3

Profession: Physiotherapist

Item you could never leave for a ride without: cash - you never know if you will need it for a candy pit-stop or a bus ride home after flatting!

I got into cycling after finishing a varsity rowing career. I was looking for a sport to keep me active with a focus on having fun while being competitive. This is my second season with GSC and I couldn’t be happier than to spend my time training and racing with these powerhouse women. This season I am shifting the focus at bit more towards the gravel scene, but I will still be targeting some local and destination races.

Outside of cycling I enjoy running, rock climbing, and cooking. I also enjoy bike packing adventures ranging from 24 hours to 24 days!

Result Highlights
3rd, WWUO Bellingham Road Race

1st, BC Provincial Road Championships (cat 4)
1st, multiple WTNC races (cat 4)