Glotman•Simpson Cycling is very proud of its Race Team and Race Ambassadors. Our teams travel year round participating in road and cyclocross races in British Columbia as well as in Washington and Oregon States. Stay up to date throughout the season by checking the Race Reports or check out the Glotman•Simpson Facebook Page for race and team photos. If you're interested in racing with the club, please contact us for more information.

Photo: Greg Descantes

David Gillam

Director Sportif

Category: 2

Profession: Rehabilitation Specialist

Item you could never leave for a ride without:

Instagram @djgillam

I have the pleasure of returning to the role of Executive Director for the Glotman•Simpson Cycling Club. A category 1/2 racer, I have been a member of the club and the race team since 2010. While I continue to enjoy road racing, my efforts have been directed over the last few seasons to helping grow the club and provide support for all its members; be it for racing, riding or fitness. With the help of my fellow Race and Club Ambassadors we will turn Glotman•Simpson Cycling into a well tuned rotating paceline machine!

Jem Arnold

Category: 2

Profession: Physiotherapist

Item you could never leave for a ride without:
Full aero gear.

Instagram @jem_arnold  |

started racing at the end of 2014 and turned a lifelong love of recreational riding into a passion for training and racing. In these past few years I've come to appreciate how much dedication it takes to compete at this high level, but how much you're rewarded by sharing that commitment with teammates and friends around you.

You'll find me hammering in the leadout, gasping for breath uphill, avoiding cold weather and chatting about training protocol and recovery strategies (hint: sleep more!) at every opportunity.

I'm looking forward to racing a full season in the Elite division and encouraging our always-growing Men's and Women's development teams on to continued success.

Result Highlights:
 8th, BC Provincial Championships RR, Elite
1st Tour of Walla Walla Crit (Cat 3)

1st overall Escape Velocity WTNC Series (Cat 3)

Christopher Bradbury

Category: 2

Profession: Finance

Item you could never leave for a ride without:
$5 emergency fund.

I have had the pleasure of racing for numerous teams across Canada since 2004. There is nothing that brings me as much joy and discipline as racing my bike. This will be my first full year with the Glotman Simpson Elite 1/2 Team and I am constantly inspired by the enthusiasm of the club, team and community.

I look forward to 2017 as a year to share my experience and excitement with new racers and crack some big hairy races with my teammates!


Craig Holden

Category: 2 / Masters 40

Profession: Sustainability Consultant

Item you could never leave for a ride without:
A bike with something just slightly not quite set up right

I joined Glotman Simpson in 2014 having moved to Canada a couple of years earlier.  My racing back in The UK was mainly mountain biking, which was great, and time trials, which was kind of a love/hate thing.  Here in BC I’m now 100% focused on the road, while trying not to attack Strava too much on the commute to work.

I’m loving the road racing here and generally obsess about everything from training, nutrition, stats and tech to strategy, tactics, scheming and more tactics.  The beauty of road racing is that the best teamwork (usually should) win and there is no other team I’d rather win with than GS.

Result Highlights
1st, BC Provincial Criterium Championship (M40)

1st, Spring Series Aldergrove East B
1st, Spring Series Thunderbird Long B
1st, Overall BC Premier Road Series (M40)


Lee Isaman

Category: 3

Profession: Commercial Electrician

Item you could never leave for a ride without:
Chapstick and Roni Jones.

I joined the club in 2015 to meet people to ride with and to familiarize myself with group riding as my goal that year was to complete the Whistler Gran Fondo.  After the Fondo I found myself hooked and immediately set my sights on joining the GS race team for 2016.  After a successful 2016 Cat.4 season I had the opportunity to move up to Cat 3 and help support and learn from the guys in that group.  For 2017 I look forward to mentoring the Cat 3 Men's group while pursuing many of my own goals.

Result Highlights
2nd, Tour De Bloom Criterium (Cat 4)
3rd, Tour De Bloom GC (Cat 4)
5th, Tour De Bloom Hill Climb (Cat 4)
2nd, BC Road Provincial Championships (Cat 4)

Mark Rainer

Category: 1

Profession: Senior Software Engineer

Result Highlights
Top 10 Finisher, EV Spring Series

Item you could never leave for a ride without:
Spare tube and levers.

Instagram @beetsandbikes

I like puppy dogs and long walks on the beach but I love racing my bike. One of my favorite activities on the bike is descending and I love climbing mountains in 20 minute efforts. I'm looking forward to getting results in the upcoming Spring Series races, and some of the upcoming races during the summer.

Travis Streb

Category: 2

Profession: Executive Coach

Item you could never leave for a ride without:
Dignity - but I usually lose it somewhere along the ride.

Instagram @pinkbartape  |  Twitter @pinkbartape

Relaxing and racing smarter are high on my list of priorities for the season. As with last year, I'm focusing on developing younger riders on the team and helping them hit the podium. I'll be gunning for a top spot at one of the hill climbs again this year. 

I grew up in the shadow of Mt. Seymour and still live there today. The steep, rugged slopes of Seymour are still my favourite place to ride and train. I love racing in the well-attended stage races in the US, despite my complete lack of time trailing ability.I am extremely fortunate to be married to a woman who seems to have a massive tolerance for bike racing.

Result Highlights
13th, RBC Whistler Gran Fondo
12, Stage 2 RR, Tour of Walla Walla
3rd & 4th, EV Spring Series

4th, A Group,EV Sportif Race
5th, A Group, EV Sportif Race

1st, Cypress Hill Climb
4th, Seymour Hill Climb


Wai-Ben Wong

Category: 2 / Masters

Profession: Physician

Item you could never leave for a ride without:
A detailed workout plan, and gloves, because road-rash-palms are more painful than bike racing.

I have been racing bikes in some capacity for over 10 years but it is only through racing with GSC in the last few years that I have started to understand organized training, and the need to repeatedly explore and embrace pain sensations.  My strengths include climbing, positioning, and technical grass and mud courses (aka cyclocross!)

With 3 young kids and an irregular schedule, my training must be time-efficient and high-yield.  Any successes in racing would not be possible without the ongoing support and encouragement of my lovely wife.

Result Highlights
3rd, Tour de Delta Brenco Criterium (Cat 3)

5th, Whistler Cyclocross (Cat 1/2)
5th, Castle Park Cyclocross (Cat 1/2)

5th, UBC Grand Prix (Cat 3/4)
4th, Whistler Cyclocross (Cat 1/2)