May Rides


Type 2.5 Fun

Come and experience the best gravel riding that the Fraser Valley has to offer on May 4th. Ride for Water was established to raise awareness and funds for people in the developing world who lack one of life's basic necessities - clean water. All of the funds raised go towards clean water projects in some of the most remote and marginalized areas of Ethiopia.

There are three different distance offerings at this years event:
- 130km Epic Route (2200m of climbing through the pristine Chilliwack  River Valley).
- 85km Medio Route
- 27km Intro to Gravel Route.


Fun Rides with GS

If you are wondering what events you might ride this year, here are a few local and regional rides that have been popular with club members in the past. For a full list check the calendar on the website

Sat May 11 - Skagit Spring Classic

Fri May 31 - GS Sunshine Coast

Sat Jun 8 - Rotary Ride for Rescue (early bird registration closes May 23)

Sun Jun 23 - Ride Don’t Hide

Mon July 1 - GS Mount Baker

Sun Jul 14 - Axel Merckx

Sat Jul 20 - Valley Fondo


Sponsor Profile: CONVERGENT

Convergent was founded by two UBC engineering professors with an ambitious vision: They wanted to change the way composites aircraft are manufactured, by using large scale multi-physics computer models. Twenty years later the company employs 35 people in Vancouver and Seattle, and many of the world's largest aerospace companies are their customers.

Convergent is pleased to be a new corporate sponsor of Glotman Simpson Cycling. A number of the company’s employees are avid cyclists, and perhaps one day, their knowledge of advanced composite materials will be put to use towards creating some snazzy and innovative road bikes.


Cypress Challenge

Registration is now open for the Cypress Challenge! Time to rally all of your friends and take on the Cypress Challenge. 


Bike Accidents

Glotman Simpson Cycling's sponsor, Helpforme Personal Legal Services, has provided steps to remember right after a bike accident.

You are riding your bike on the way to a group ride when you get hit by a car. What do you do next? You are most likely in shock and it’s easy to forget the important steps you should take. Although we hope you never need it, we have compiled a useful list of what to do after you’ve been in an accident on your bike.

Ensure Safety

  • Move away from hazards if possible.

  • Try to get off the roadway.

Are you injured?

  • Call 911.

  • Stay calm and take note of what hurts.

  • Ask the driver to stay at the scene and collect his/her name, phone number, licence plate number, and driver’s licence number.

  • Take pictures of the scene.

  • Take pictures of any damage to your bicycle or the vehicle.

  • Collect contact info from witnesses and ask them to stay at the scene.

  • Get medical treatment, even if unsure if it is needed.

Are police at the scene?

  • Collect the police officers name and badge number.

At the hospital?

  • Make sure to mention all symptoms.

  • Ask if X-rays, CT scans, or other diagnostic imaging is needed.

Don’t need to go to the hospital?

  • If no police are at the scene, file a police accident report asap.

  • Call ICBC at 604-520-8222 to report the collision and make sure to note the claim number.

Next few days/weeks

  • Monitor how you feel, not all injuries are immediately apparent.

If you are injured in an accident, Helpforme lawyers offer a complimentary initial consultation either over the phone or in person.  Please feel free to contact us anytime. One of our injury lawyers specializing in cycling accidents will be pleased to assist you.