GSC Season Kickoff Party


GSC Kickoff Party Reminder

GS Kickoff Party

Date: Wednesday April 3, 2019.
Location: St. Regis Hotel

The Glotman Simpson Cycling kick off party and jersey pick up will be Wednesday, April 3rd, at the St. Regis Hotel. Food and drinks will be served. Let’s kick off the year in style!

Are you a new member? See below:

GS New Members Night
Date: Wednesday, April 3, 2019.
Time: 6:00 PM
Where: St. Regis Hotel (lower level)

The new members pre-party is a GO. We will meet at the St. Regis Hotel Bar and Grille, lower level before the official kickoff party!



Love your new kit? Pair it up with some matching socks

Glotman Simpson Socks
Available at the GS kick off party to help complete that fresh new kit look. 

Cost: $15 for 1 pair, $30 for 2 pairs, $40 for 3 pairs.
Sizes available: S/M and M/L, made by Endur (

Cheques made out to "Glotman Simpson Cycling" or exact change ONLY, we won't have a float to provide change, and cannot accept cards or e-transfers.


Gravel Rides with GSC

Date: Every Sunday beginning April 21, 2019.
Time: 8:30 AM
Where: Alternating between North Shore / Burnaby and Richmond / Delta

For 2019 we are kicking off group rides on gravel every Sunday. What is gravel riding? Taking a drop-bar bike off road to experience new trails, less cars and just having fun (power meters not required).

The Richmond / Delta rides can be ridden with a regular road bike with sturdy tires (28c or 25c, not racing tires). The North Shore / Burnaby rides require a cyclocross or gravel bike with 32c+ tires. Richmond / Delta rides will meet at the Richmond end of the Canada Line Bridge at 8:30. North Shore / Burnaby rides will meet at JJ Bean on Powell and Victoria at 8:30. Weekly rides will be announced on the CX email group, email Brian Anderson and I will put you on the list.

Also, there are a growing number of gravel rides in the Pacific Northwest, here are few near term rides to put on your calendar:

April 26-28 in Bend OR:

May 4th in Chilliwack BC: ($1000 for first place in the 130K!)

May 19 in Leavenworth WA:

May 25 in Pitt Meadows BC:

June 23 in Duncan BC:


First Official Club Ride

Date: Saturday, April 6, 2019.
Time: 8:30 AM
Where: 4th & Alma

Remove the fenders! Rides will be led by a club ambassador each week throughout the spring and summer months. We encourage you to visit our website and familiarize yourself with meet-up times, locations, and routes for each ride, and our tips for group riding and safety etiquette.

New Rider Essential Skills Clinic
Date: Wednesday, April 10, 2019.
Time: 6:00pm
Where: 4th & Alma

In our continuing effort to help club members improve their cycling skill set,  the essential skills sessions aim to give you a helping hand if you are new to road riding, or want to further refine your skills as a cyclist. Clinics cover a broad array of essential road cycling skills to improve both the safety and quality of a group rides. Completing one session is mandatory for any new riders and returning riders are also welcome to participate.

New members will be notified directly with a link to sign up.

The Dutch Reach

Have you heard of the Dutch Reach?  Do you know how to help prevent the risk of dooring?

Helpforme – Personal Legal Services is committed to cycling safety.  We know that it takes both drivers and cyclists being aware of each other to keep everyone safe.  We’ve compiled some tips to help us all reduce the risk of dooring.

What is the Dutch Reach?
According to ICBC, one in 14 car crashes involving cyclists in BC is the result of dooring. The Dutch Reach is a simple yet important skill that can become a very effective habit to prevent dooring. In the Netherlands it is taught at an early age and is second nature for most drivers.

Using the Dutch Reach, the driver gets ready to step out of their car by opening the door with their right hand (far hand) instead of their left. This procedure forces the driver to look back for oncoming cyclists as they reach to open their car door and gives them time to wait if an unexpected cyclist is approaching from behind.

Cyclists need to scan & be aware

A driver is legally responsible for making sure it is safe to open their car door. However, as cyclists, it is still in our best interest to do all we can to be aware of the possibility of a sudden opening car door.  We can protect ourselves from significant injury and damage to our bikes by being vigilant and aware of the following when riding past parked cars:

  • Ride no closer than 1 meter from parked cars.

  • Look for the turning of the wheels of a parked car.

  • Look for people in the car check the side mirror and look through the back window.

  • Listen for the sound of the engine.

  • Keep your head up and continually scan the area.

The City of Vancouver has added a useful Dooring Caution Zone Map listing high risk areas for dooring.

Got more cycling related legal questions? Contact a Helpforme Lawyer today.