Cyclocross is finally here


Cross is here.

And you can tell: as soon as the autumn leaves hit the ground, cyclocrossers come out of the walls, with talk of handups, bunny hops, and tire pressure. Although the official season has not started yet, some of us have started racing already. It was a full weekend, with no less than 3 races to choose from, MFG Cyclocross in the US, Cross on the Rock with Topaz Park on the island, and SORCE Toonie CX with Watershed Race in Delta.

We need your support, GS! Come to the races, volunteer or bring your best heckle game!

Here's where you can catch us:

donkey cross.jpg

Donkey Cross

Where: Castle Park, Port Coquitlam
When: September 15, 9AM - 2PM

If you're wondering why the name, yes, this race features a donkey! Intended as a charity race for youth development, all proceeds to the race go to the Devo Youth Squad. Located in Castle Park, it features long, fast and flat sections, sand, snow (!), and the famous Heckler Hill, where all the spectators congregate and shout insults (err, encouragement) at the racers.

vanier park.jpg

Vanier Park

Where: Vanier Park, Vancouver
When: September 29, 9AM - 2PM

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Vanier Park is without a doubt one of the largest cyclocross races in the Lower Mainland. Although mostly flat, this is a very fast course, favouring riders who can ride at the limit, and "dig deep in the suitcase of pain". Come by for a waffle. Or, if that doesn't entice you, Vancouver's beautiful skyline, or even the whales! (Yes, they visited the bay a couple of times).

Acadia Park

Where: Acadia Park, UBC
When: October 6, 9AM - 2PM

UBC joins the ranks of cyclocross racing hosts with a new venue for the 2018-2019 season. We couldn't tell you much about the course, other than that it's probably going to be great. Really great.

cultus lake.jpg

Cultus Lake

Where: Cultus Lake
When: October 7, 9AM - 2PM

Part of the Lower Mainland Series, and despite being far from home, this race happens on the Cultus Lake camping grand, right on the lake. And if you think lake, you must think sand. Lots, and lots, and lots of sand. It will chew up the bikes, and it will make your legs burn. But this is where the sand experts shine. 

aldergrove lake.jpg

Aldergrove Lake

Where: Aldergrove Lake Regional Park
When: October 7-8, 9AM - 2PM

Yes, you saw this right - October 7 and October 8 doubleheader! This race features gravel, fast gravel sections, a sand pit, potentially a mud pit (depending on the weather), and what the seasoned veterans call "The Beast"! "The Beast" of a climb will chew you up, and spit you out - and as your legs get heavier and more tired with every lap, the struggle gets real. So is the suffering - and you can see that on the riders' faces. But sometimes they're greeted with cookies at the top, so it's all worth it!

junkyard dog.jpg

Junkyard Dog

Where: South Surrey Bike Park
When: October 21, 9AM - 2PM

This is a race for the off camber and single track experts. Also, one of the few races to feature an uphill tarmac start, it will start fast and furious, then slows down as riders bottleneck at the barriers. The fast single track is what will separate the technical experts from the raw power riders, and the off camber experts will rule all.

pumpkin cross.jpg

Pumpkin Cross

Where: Maple Ridge
When: October 28, 9AM - 2PM

If you are still reading, congratulations, and stay with us. This is where things get nuts! How nuts? Inflatable minion costume on a bicycle nuts. Or all the GSX with bee wings and antennae swarming the entire field nuts. Don't miss this one. The crazy Halloween costumes are worth it.

queens cross.jpg

Queens Cross

Where: Queens Park, New Westminster
When: November 11, 9AM - 2PM

The crown jewel of cyclocross racing in the Lower Mainland. If you can only attend one race - make it the best one. Usually wet, rainy, and cold, this race is not anything less than a mud fest. This race requires a lot of strength, not only physical, but mental too. Taxing on the body, and taxing on your mind, as your brain will work overtime to find at least a sliver of traction.

bc cyclocross provincials.jpg

BC Cyclocross Provincials

Where: TBA
When: November 25 (TBC)

We will keep you posted once Cycling BC announces officially the date and venue. Cyclocross Master Wai-Ben Wong finished 2nd in 2017, can he win it in 2018? We sure hope so. Come find out, and witness the moment LIVE!