Cypress Challenge + Other News

Cypress Challenge

Date: Sunday August 12, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM start
Where: Cypress Bowl Road

With only two weeks to go, make sure you register for the 2018 Cypress Challenge today! 

Champion Systems Canada have provided the Cypress Challenge with a fundraiser. $10 from each hat sale will be donated to the Cypress Challenge. Stay cool with the Technical Trucker GS cap.

Store Link:


Jersey Pickup Dates

Date: August 10, 2018
Time: 4:00-6:00pm
Where: Glotman Simpson Engineering Office (1661 W 5th Ave) 

The next opportunity to pick up your club jerseys will be at the Cypress Challenge Pre-Registration. The final opportunity will be during the GSC Year End Party (in November). If you are unable to pick up your jersey in person feel free to ask a club member to grab it for you. 


Awesome Grand Prix (BC Provincial Crit Champs)

Date: July 28, 2018
Time: 12PM-8PM
Where: John Rogers Park (110 West 7th Avenue)
Registration & Info:

Come cheer on the GS race team at the last big race of the year! The BC Provincial Crit Championships is being hosted in our backyard. Bicicletta is putting on Awesome Grand Prix; a great event full of food trucks, beer gardens and bike racing.

Coming off of a strong Superweek campaign, the men’s elite race will see Alex Amiri, Jeff Wallace, Lee Isaman and Jem Arnold support Amiel Flett-Brown’s bid for the coveted BC Crit Champs jersey.

Get your engines started by watching Amiel’s perspective at the 2018 Gastown Grand Prix.


Seymour Challenge

Date: Sunday August 19, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM start
Where: 3625 Banff Ct

So you don’t think that setting a personal best at the Cypress Challenge is enough? See where you stack up on Seymour! The amazing organizers at Escape Velocity are hosting the Seymour Challenge on August 19.

Can anyone best Travis’ blistering time of 38:11? 


Champsys Personal Fit Session

Date: By Appointment
Where: 208-1080 Mainland St.

Champion System would like to invite all GS Cycling members the opportunity for a personal Champsys Fit. Members can try on the full range of items and learn the differences between them at the Champsys Yaletown office. 
Are you between sizes or unsure if you can squeeze into that race cut jersey? Set up a meeting with Natalia by email to dial in your fit.

Sea to Sky Nutrition Discount Code Correction

In case you forgot:

Sea to Sky Nutrition will be donating 5% (first time) and 10% (all orders after 1st purchase) of EVERYTHING we buy to the Cypress Challenge.

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the Sea2Sky Nutrition website
  2. Pick your products (All flavours GUARANTEED!!!!)
  3. First time buyers please Enter code GLOTMAN1 for 20% off and FREESHIP at checkout. After your first purchase please use GLOTMAN
  4. Free Shipping to all members - Your supplies show up at your door in 2-3 days (which is the same as Amazon Prime by the way)
  5. Be sure to sign up to the S2S newsletter to be informed about new products and deals.