Cheer on our squad at BC Superweek, July 10-18

A message from Glotman•Simpson Cycling Race Director, David Gillam

Starting Friday, July 10 the Glotman•Simpson Race Team will be capping off in high style what has already been an amazing year of racing. Over the last four months our racers have been your ambassadors, ride leaders and coaches; and for the next week it’s your chance to help support these men and women as volunteers and as cheering fans.

Why volunteer? For anyone that has ridden with me over the last seven months, you might have some sense of the work that has been invested into training for this one week of competition. The biggest stress isn’t the race itself, but everything that goes into in before and after - setting up tents, trainers, pinning numbers, etc. Right now we’re looking for support to drive the Glotmobile and help with set up/tear down/rider support. If you’re interested please check out the races below and email me with your availability or questions.

Why cheer? BC Superweek is one of the most prestigious Pro Cycling Series in North America. The series consists of the Tour de Delta, UBC Grand Prix, Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix, Giro di Burnaby, and the Tour de White Rock. The highlight every year is not just the level of competition but also the thousands of people that spectate and create an amazing atmosphere. Be sure to come out and check out a few events and sport some GS kit.


Spectator’s Guide

Tour de Delta, MK Delta Criterium – July 10
Start & Finish Line: 84 Avenue, west of 114 Street, North Delta
Who’s racing: Women’s 1/2 (Starts at 6:30 pm)
The week of racing starts with this opening 1.2km criterium. The first race is always nervous with riders getting their first opportunity to see what the week’s competition will be like. Watch it if you like seeing riders take a hard left hand corner at unimaginable speeds.

Tour de Delta, Brenco Criterium – July 11
Start & Finish Line: Delta Street and Bridge Street in Ladner Village
Who's racing: Men’s 3/4, Women’s 1/2, Men’s 1/2 (Starts at 5:15 pm)
This flat course with wide open corners is one of the fastest of the week. At the bottom of the course, enjoy a burger and beverages while hiding comfortably behind the hay bales. Watch it if you like the idea of sitting inches from racers going 50+ km/hr and trying to not lose your hat.

White Spot Delta UCI 1.2 Road Race – July 12
Start & Finish Line: Dennison Park, 755 53rd Street, Tsawwasseen
Who's racing: Pro Women, Pro Men (Starts at 9:30 am)
A UCI event for both women and men, expect to see a strong international field and one of the most exciting races of the week. The GS race team is made up of mostly road racers so this will be one of the events the team is hoping to do well in. Watch it if you want the chance to see one of the few UCI events held in North America. Spectating tip: Come at 11:30 am and see the final laps of the women’s race and then stay to catch the crazy opening laps of the men’s race as a breakaway tries to get established.

UBC Grand Prix – July 14
Start & Finish Line: Thunderbird Stadium at UBC
Who's racing: Men's 3/4, Women’s1/2 (Starts at 12:30 pm) 
On the familiar Tuesday night criterium course, this race is all about our Men's 3/4 team. They’ve become well-drilled crit machines and will be riding to protect their lead in the BC Premier Series hoping to capture the race win in the process. Watch it if you want a great reason to jump on your bike and ride over to UBC for the afternoon, get hyped watching our GS guys slay it, go do some sprints on Marine Drive, come back and watch some more racing!

Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix – July 15
Start & Finish Line: Cordova at Abbott Street, Vancouver
Who’s racing: Women’s 1/2, Men’s 1/2 (Starts at 6 pm)
The cobblestone streets of Gastown are transformed into one of the fastest, best-loved and most challenging cycling race courses in North America. Get there early to find space along the barriers. Watch it if you want to see the best crit racing in North America!

Giro di Burnaby – July 16
Start & Finish Line: Hastings Street (at Madison & MacDonald Ave.)
Who’s racing: Women’s 1/2, Men’s 1/2 (Starts at 6 pm) 
If you’ve read this far you’re probably thinking “wow, that’s a lot of racing”. It is! And after a full throttle evening at Gastown, everyone’s back at it! Watch it if you want to see exhausted riders still hurling themselves into every corner to maximize their conservation of momentum.

Tour de White Rock, Choices Markets Criterium – July 17
Start & Finish Line: Johnston Rd at Prospect Ave, White Rock
Who’s racing: Men 3/4, Women’s 1/2, Men’s 1/2 (Starts at 5:15 pm) 
Great spectating event as you can see almost the entire lap from any point on the course, allowing you to really follow each step of the action as it unfolds. Watch if if you want one last chance to see our entire race team contingent out.

Tour de White Rock, Peace Arch News Road Race – July 18
Start & Finish Line: Marine Drive at the Pier, White Rock
Who’s racing: Women’s 1/2, Men's 1/2 (Starts at 9 am)
With long steep climbs and quick descents you can imagine how much Travis, Devon, and Dave have been waiting for a course with an uphill! Watch it if you want to see riders going over 100km/hr and enjoy the smell of carbon brake pads. Spectating tip: The descent off Columbia Ave is thrilling, the climb up Magdalena Ave is your opportunity to sport a “borat” and run alongside the riders in true Tour de France fashion.