BC Provincial Championships Race Report

What seemed like a long time coming, the Glotman•Simpson Cycling racing squad had been eagerly anticipating the month of May, ready to make waves at the 2015 Cycling BC Provincial Championships. Three days of racing included a Time Trial, Road Race, and Criterium competitions, from May 29-31, hosted in the Abbotsford, Hatzic Valley and Maple Ridge regions.

With representation across most divisions, it was a great weekend of results for GS team in a competitively large and stacked race. Without a doubt, the high caliber of racing, and level of performance among the team was a direct reflection of all the hard work and dedication each and every team member put in all season.

Men's CAT 1/2 Highlights

The Men's 1/2 road race was a tactical affair. With two to three early attacks going, it was eventually a small group of five riders that stuck off the front soon after the start. With a number of small counter attacks among the pack, the hard work kicked in quickly for some of the GSC team members, including Mark Rainer who represented GSC in the early chases. From the get-go the pace was annihilating and didn't ease up much in the 130km route. With two laps remaining, the group came back together with the help of David Gillam, Devon Moonie and Travis Streb that contributed to welding back some very aggressive attacks.  

Leading into the last lap, a small selection of riders emerged with a short gap from the main group, at which point Travis throttled to the front of the pack, drilling the field to bring it all back together. At an exhilarating pace in the final back half of the lap, it was Devon that stuck on in the final stretch pulling out a top result. 

Top Results:
9th, Devon Moonie
13th, Travis Streb
14th, David Gillam



In the first race of the weekend, Morgan Cabot, was representing the women in the Individual Time Trial on Friday. By no means is a 30km time trial ever an easy feat. Armed with pink highlights in her kit, and a determination to pedal harder than ever, Morgan finished on top of the podium, with a time of 42 minutes and 29 seconds, almost 10 seconds ahead of second place!

On day two, Morgan was joined by teammates Claire Cameron and Alysia Withers in the road race. Alongside a stacked set of teams in the field, the 5 laps (92km) was anticipated to be difficult to control. After a series of back to back attacks on the first and second climbs, two riders managed to break away in front, with the main pack whittled down only 90 seconds behind. 

After the start of the third lap, it was Alysia that drifted ahead of the main group. Unable to bridge and match the speed of the leading pair, she rode the next 30km solo in front, with Morgan and Claire controlling the main pack only a few short minutes behind. By the fifth and final lap, Alysia was met by another rider and was 4th to cross the finish line.

Top Results:
1st, Morgan Cabot, Individual Time Trial 
4th, Alysia Withers, Road Race



It was a Masters field of 50 riders, which included an exceptional crew of strong GSC riders attacking and chasing down almost every move.  It was the likes of Ted Matson, Michael Parrish, Matthew Cooperwilliams, Craig Holden, Paul Krzywicki, Ken Phillips, and Kurt Withers that not only chased, but led the relentless pace the entire time. On the last lap, the field was reduced to small group of 20. With Kurt and Craig in perfect position for the sprint in the final kilometer, the race was neutralized at the finish line due to an accident on course ahead. Although not the result anyone was expecting, it was gratifying to see the team ride as they did, as a dominating force.

If you've ever wondered what beast mode in a bike race looked like, it would have been Paul, the following day at the criterium. It was Paul that unfortunately slid out on turn 3 in the back half of the course mid-race. With numbers and kit shredded, he picked himself up, jumped back in, and worked his way back to the front of the pack to then lead it out for the final 3 laps. Despite the hard work from the entire team and perfect positioning, the last lap was riddled with a number of crashes leaving the GS team just shy from the top ten.

Top Results:
11th, Craig Holden, Criterium
Ted Matson, Criterium
14th, Paul Krzywicki, Criterium


MENS CAT 3/4 highlights

With the Men's 3 and Masters races split, it was up to Mick Stobart, Liam Fox, Ian Hendry, Matthew Brown, and Jeff Wallace to be patient in their road race, waiting for select moments to make a move ahead of the final sprint. The pace on the climbs was punchy thinning out the pack on each lap with Mick and Matthew staying up front, riding smart and riding hard. On the last lap, after chasing down a two-man break, it was Ian Hendry that rolled in with the top result.

Top Results:
5th, Ian Hendry (Cat 3)
3rd, Alex Henry (Cat4)

GLOTMAN•SIMPSON CYCLING AT 2015 bc provincial championships

Photos courtesy of Tammy Brimner, and Cycling BC by Scott Robarts.


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