New Riding Events This Summer

2014 GS Training Time Trials

Six GS Training Individual Time Trials will be scheduled to start at 6:30 PM on the third Wednesday of each month starting in May. Drop In Fee of $5 for all participants. The following three Time Trial Courses will be rotated on the dates noted.

Times will be posted on the GS Cycling Club website after each time trial. A Strava segment has also been created for each course so you can see your times on Strava or practice on the courses on your own time. The third GS Training TT Course will also serve as Stage #4  for the 2014 GS Tour of Vancouver. These time trials are open to all GS Club Members.

  1. GS Training TT Course #1 
    UBC FLAT COURSE - Scheduled for May 28 & August 20, 2014 
  2. GS Training TT Course #2 
    WEST 4TH HILLY COURSE - Scheduled for June 25 & September 24, 2014
  3. GS Tour of Vancouver Stage #4  (Time Trial) - GS Training TT Course  #3 
    IONA OUT & BACK - Scheduled for July 23 & October 22, 2014 

If you wish to participate - please email or arrive at 6 PM and get your name on the start list. You must be a registered GS Club member to participate. See the events page for complete details and results.

2014 GS Tour Of Vancouver Strava Challenge

The following four stages are to be completed and recorded on Strava by the cut off dates noted for each stage. Overall results will be updated and posted to the GS website after each cutoff date with the final winners being awarded at the GS Wrap up party in the fall.

Overall winners in each category will receive GS TdV yellow socks. Winners will be awarded in the same age categories as reported on Strava separated into racers and non-racers. All you need to participate is to be a Strava User and registered Glotman Simpson Club member on StravaSee the events page for complete details and results.

Strava routes and segments with the same name have been created on Strava.

  1. GS Tour of Vancouver Stage #1 (Sprint) 
    River Road Sprint Segment - cutoff date August 3, 2014
  2. GS Tour of Vancouver Stage #2 (Mountain) 
    Cypress Mountain Hill Climb Segment - cutoff date August 16, 2014 (same day as the Cypress Challenge)
  3. GS Tour of Vancouver Stage #3 (Hilly) 
    Horseshoe Bay Hilly Segment - cutoff date September 28, 2014
  4. GS Tour of Vancouver Stage #4  (Time Trial) 
    Iona Individual Time Trial segment cutoff date October 23, 2014 (same day as last GS training ITT)


Performance Cycling Series Session 2 (May 14)

Fueling our bodies was the topic of the second session in the Performance Cycling Series held this past WednesdayNutritionist Melanie Jensen spent the evening teaching us all the latest information regarding nutrition. It was an eye opening experience for those motivated individuals who ignored the sun shine to improve their dietary knowledge.

If any club members are interested in nutritional coaching please contact MelanieThe next session in the series will take place on Cypress May 31st where the time for talking will end and the suffering will begin...or something like that!

First Sunday Fort Langley Club Ride

The first Fort Langley GSC club ride of the summer will be heading out for a scenic tour of the beautiful Fraser Valley this coming Sunday morning. Ted Matson will be leading this ride with help from a few other Club members who know the valley. This will be a regular event, happening on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each Month throughout the summer.

This is a challenging ride intended for B level riders and above who have completed a GSC Skills Session, who are self-sufficient, and who are capable of riding +100km at 28-30kph average with minimal stops. Assuming that riders meet the above criteria, this will be a no-drop ride.

The ride will depart from Wendell's Coffee shop at 8 AM sharp. Wendell's is located at 9233 Glover Rd and there is ample parking at the nearby Fort Langley Museum. 

There are two route options; one 90km, and one 120km. If weather is poor and if turnout is low (less than 5-6 riders) we will do the 90km route. Either way, arrive mentally prepared for the 120km route. Below are two links where you can study the route details and then either upload it to your garmin or print the cue sheet.


Essential Skills Session Sign-up Now Available

In our continuing effort to help Club members improve their cycling skill set we will be hosting free "essential skills" sessions on Wednesday nights and as part of theSaturday novice ride - to give you a helping hand if you are new to road riding or help you to further refine your skills as a cyclist.

Clinics cover a broad array of essential road cycling skills to improve both the safety and quality of a group rides; all members must have completed the clinic in 2013 or by July 5, 2014 and demonstrate a basic level of proficiency with the topics covered to be able to continue participating in the A or B rides.

As our club continues to grow we have an obligation to both ourselves and our fellow riders to make sure we are all being safe and staying sharp out on the road. Riders who have not completed a skills session by July 5 can still attend rides but will be asked to join the novice group, riders that are still not confident moving up into the B group following the completion of the "essential skills" session will have the option to continue participating in the C recreational or novice ride. Each session will be limited to a maximum of 12 riders.