October Club News: Strava Challenge Concludes & Spin Classes are back


Starting on Tuesday, October 14 GS will again be hosting spin classes starting on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday's; our goal is to keep you all fit and ready to smash it when the new year comes. Spin classes are open to all club members and a great way to ensure you're building fitness all Winter. Basic structure is, we blast some tunes and watch re-runs of the 2014 Eneco Tour, while Dave yells at you to ride faster - great time for everyone involved. Sessions will be $20 for drop-in or $150 for a 10 session pass. Trainers are provided so you can bring your own bike (ensuring you don’t wreck your knees and can train in your optimal position). Expect registration details to be up shortly!

Season Plan:
Phase 1: Technique and endurance (October – November)
Get back to basics and do a few baseline workouts that will become the test sets for the off season.
Phase 2: Strength (November – December)
We include some pushups and core to work on the noodle arms.
Phase 3: Threshold (December – February)
It’s hard, we all grunt a lot and Dave will start yelling again once he catches his breath. GUARANTEED to make you fast in 2015.

Phase 4: Intervals (March-April)
We start doing some intervals so you can hit the ground running and crush your buddies once the GS road season kicks off in April.
During the week each session will also vary to help suit your training schedule (typically):
Monday – Intensity
Tuesday – Endurance
Thursday – Intensity
Saturday - Mix


Don't forget folks, we are officially on Fall/Winter riding schedule starting October 4 which means:

  1. Rides begin at 9AM, so set your alarms accordingly 
  2. Ride leaders are not guaranteed each week 
  3. Fenders are mandatory 
  4. If you do not observe rules 1 and/or 3, you buy everyone a coffee 




Only a few shorts weeks left to lay down your best times on the four segment stages of our Strava Challenge. Winners will receive the coveted golden (ok.. yellow) socks in each category at the year-end party later this November. Scout out the routes and latest results on the Events page.