Come Out To The Annual GSC Bike Swap This Sunday

Our annual bike and equipment swap is happening this weekend, with an opportunity for all club members to buy and sell their bikes, cycling parts, and accessories.

Date: Sunday, October 26
Time: 2 - 4 PM
Location: GSC Club Office - 1637 West 5th Avenue, Vancouver

Here are just a few items you can expect to see for sale:

  • Discounted GS clothing (2013 and earlier) 
  • GS water bottles and hats
  • Alete Hydration Products (525g container at a discounted cost of $20)
  • Tires & tubes
  • 2014 team bikes
  • Club member bikes

All equipment will be priced by owner. No deposit or commission will be taken. So come on out, bring your cheque book (or cash), and any equipment you wish to sell, or stop by to find a lot of good deals.