2013 GSX Season Kick-Off Information


Here we are already - prepping for the 2013 Cyclocross season! It seems fitting this email is arriving in your inbox on the first soggy day we've had in over a month. Kind of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Of course, you haven't just spent 45-60min in the pain cave, sliding around whilst desperately trying to hold the wheel of that rider in front of you. You know, the one that seems to have the grip of an Audi Quattro in the snow and the stamina of Nairo Quintana climbing Mont Ventoux. Don't worry, that day will be here soon enough.

While this seems bizarre to most, we know a lot of you cannot wait till that day arrives. So, to kick off the season we've got some dates that need marking in your calendar.


First up, GSX kick-off night! Thursday August 22nd at 7:00pm we will have a GSX kick-off night at the Club office where we will discuss the upcoming season, skills clinics and training rides. We'll also have a good old fashioned meet and greet for those new to the Club. Rumour has it there may be a few Belgian beers shared and fresh new CX Skinsuits for pick-up.

Speaking of skinsuits, if you did not pre-order one and would like one this will be the evening to do it. We did not order many extras and we don't expect there will be any available after kick-off night. The cost is $166.00 each and when we have an available size run we will let you know.




We will have two major skills clinics to help you get the most out of your season. The first will get you ready for the season and the second will help you dial in some things you've learnt after the season has started.

  1. Saturday August 24th - Skills Session 1

    Coach: Bob Welbourn 

    Time and location: TBD

  2. Saturday October 5th - Skills Session 2

    Coach: Bob Welbourn

    Time and location: TBD


While there are many CX races on the calendar we cannot attend them all. What we decided to do is support some and attend others. Support meaning we will have G2, tents, trainers and hopefully nutrition supplements at the race. Attending the race means we will be at the race but may not have all of the support equipment.

We do not quite have the man-power to fully support every race on the calendar and keep our personal relationships/marriages/home lives in a happy place. As a result we will be putting the call out for some logistics help during the season.

Not all races on the Cycling BC calendar are confirmed at this time (see preliminary schedule here). For the first part of the season these are the races GSX will be at:


  • Sunday September 1st - Vancouver Super Prestige Series: Aldor Acres (SUPPORTED)
  • Saturday September 14th- Starcrossed Seattle (ATTENDING) more info
  • Saturday September 28th - Vancouver CX Coalition Series: New Brighton Park (SUPPORTED)
  • Sunday September 29th - Vancouver Super Prestige Series: Vanier Park (SUPPORTED)


  • Saturday October 12th & 13th - Cascade Cross Series: Sliver Lake Double Cross (ATTENDING) more info
  • Sunday October 20th - Vancouver Super Prestige Series: Mahon Park (SUPPORTED)

As more races are confirmed and we get closer to the season we will add additional races. In the meantime join the GSX forum, grab your Cross bike and go play in some August mud!

Rob Smith | Bart Ludbrook | Bob Welbourn