2013 Spring Series Race Reports

(Credit: Simon Chester)

(Credit: Simon Chester)

Want to know how the racing has been going of the GS team so far this season? 

So far we’ve had Jason Cutbill taking 2nd in the River Road C men’s group and Justine Cliff taking 1st in the C women’s group. In the Aldergrove race Alysia Withers finished 3rd in the C women’s group. 

In their own words here are some race reports that have been circulating around on the various group emails: 

Spring Series #1 -  Aldergrove (A Group)

2nd lap in, crash on the hill, thought I was in a nascar with a wheel coming at my head, I dodged it and took it in the shoulder, sweet, I lived!

Sebastian double flatted, on lap five on the hill, while Marsh Cooper attacked the hill. It was funny watching one teammate rocket up and the other going backwards... Pro's usually don't ride like that.

Emil Marcetta kept going with Zach Bell and tired himself out, so when the fireworks went off he was suffering kind of like. Travis raced well. I didn't see him stick his nose in the wind at all and raced efficiently.

I missed the break with Jeff Werner by 10 watts. I still have some work to do. As the group of 3 rode away from everyone on the hill I just decided, to wait for the remaining group of 15 to come get me.

Craig Logan from Red Truck came up with 6 to go and we decided maybe Nathan and myself could pull the break back he and Travis would have a chance at the sprint. That's why I kept telling Travis, "Not to pull through." Travis did well in the rotating paceline, marking Tim which is good. Tim is a good wheel to stay on. Big draft too.

Unfortunately getting back to the break wasn't a possibility, so with 3 laps to go I jumped on some wheels Craig Logan (Trek Red Truck) and some other Big EV dude (not Tim) and rode away from the field, racing for 5th. Unfortunately in the final climb I was cooked and had to let these two duke it out. DAMN IT!!!!

Thanks to (Joost's wife) Julia for holding a bottle for me! I know you guys still have it. I expect it to come back with the green goo inside it still..... haha. Joking. but seriously, put it in the refrigerator. :)

Something to note:

On hilly circuit races (Armstrong), carrying around 2 full bottles is DUMB. Don't do it unless you want to get dropped on the hill. Get a feed from someone. If you save 1kg per lap, it helps. Trust me. Also if Emil gives you a granola bar, get ready to battle ripping open the wrapper while racing. It took me a good 5 km to crack that sucker open......

Spring Series #1 - Aldergrove (B Group)

B race:  I know exactly what happened. Gillam said lets go B's and then we will humiliate the A's by lapping them. He proceeded to attack at every opportunity that he could find (always into the wind) and also he beat on me with his frame pump if I complained or didn't help him. I have bruises to prove it.

Seriously, I blew up on the 10th or 11th lap trying to bridge an escape group in the crosswind and couldn't hang on for the climb up Lefevre. The group was very fast and much faster than I expected for the first race of the year. Joost rode very strong and smartly kept his nose out of the wind as much as he could. The women in the group were exceedingly strong and were pushing the pace as much as any of the A sandbaggers. We didn't really get ourselves as organized as we could have. The field was pretty large so it was hard, but I think we need to work on trying to group up better next time.  Perhaps start together a little bit more towards the back?  I had rode from my house to the race which wasn't the best idea, it was about 35km and I could have used that reserve for hanging on up the hill. Mark makes a good point re the water bottles. I didn't touch my second bottle for the entire race yet carted it around every lap. I guess my 22lb rain bike wasn't heavy enough as it was!

As a flats specialist, I think I'll do the As for river road but probably back to Bs for Armstrong. 

Fun to see so many GS'rs out there yesterday flying the colours, good job everyone!

Ted Matson

Photo courtesy of Simon Chester

Photo courtesy of Simon Chester

Spring Series #3 - Armstrong (A Group)

It was a hell of a day. Some sections were breakneck fast, Strava tells a fairly accurate tale.  

I remember at one point rocketing along River Road and looking at my speedo as it touched 50-51km/hr, the Musette guy next to me and asks "who the hell is doing that??", I look up the road to see on Mark Rainer hammering along while sitting in his tops, the faint muffled "Rainer", "Rainer!!", "ugh, Rainer..." coming from gapped riders behind me.  

Emil did some welding, Ted got in at least two breaks that I was sure would stick each time, Travis went from caboose to engine in the closing laps and set me up nicely to get of the front in an unwanted breakaway attempt that seems to be going well until I cracked with a lap and a half to go. Why unwanted you say?

Lap 1-4: On or near the font, did some digs, did some welding
Lap 5-6: Somewhere in the middle quietly suffering
Lap 6-11: Either going fast or getting bored
Lap 12-13: Going fast or getting dropped
Lap 15: Mark to Dave: You've been sitting in and you're fresh, ya gotta go for the win. Its all you. GO! ATTACK!. At the time it sounded both inspirational and insane
Lap 16: Mustering Strength
Lap 17: Somewhere off the front thinking "that was't such a bad idea"
Lap 18: Somewhere off the front and cracking "f&$%ing rainer...."
Lap 19: Holding on for dear life as the sprinters do their thing 

It was perhaps the strongest I've seen the A GS riders woking as a team everyone doing great work. I hear it was much the same in the B with GS working together and chasing hard. For anyone not already aware the C's had Jason on the second step of the podium and Justine finishing number 1 out of the women. 

Great Riding Everyone!

David Gilliam

Spring Series #3 - River Road (B Group)

I can say this week that the in the B race the break did really "roll" away from the main field - I didn't even see them go! That being said there were many hard fought attempts to bridge the gap and in each one of those GS riders were at the front laying down some serious wattage. Chett spent an inordinate amount of time going to front and trying to get a break organized. Mike who was trying to save his legs for a sprint finish ended up having to do a lot of work to keep the pace as did Morgan and I. In the second to last lap I decided to break from the main field and catch a lone EV rider that was trying to bridge. We lasted until just before the start area before we were caught.

I would say that we had the strongest team presence and were able to work effectively with both Mussette and Todds - however we did more than our share of the pace making.

Lessons were learned and calories were burned. Another great day of racing. 

Joost Van Ulden