Cyclocross is finally here


Cross is here.

And you can tell: as soon as the autumn leaves hit the ground, cyclocrossers come out of the walls, with talk of handups, bunny hops, and tire pressure. Although the official season has not started yet, some of us have started racing already. It was a full weekend, with no less than 3 races to choose from, MFG Cyclocross in the US, Cross on the Rock with Topaz Park on the island, and SORCE Toonie CX with Watershed Race in Delta.

We need your support, GS! Come to the races, volunteer or bring your best heckle game!

Here's where you can catch us:

donkey cross.jpg

Donkey Cross

Where: Castle Park, Port Coquitlam
When: September 15, 9AM - 2PM

If you're wondering why the name, yes, this race features a donkey! Intended as a charity race for youth development, all proceeds to the race go to the Devo Youth Squad. Located in Castle Park, it features long, fast and flat sections, sand, snow (!), and the famous Heckler Hill, where all the spectators congregate and shout insults (err, encouragement) at the racers.

vanier park.jpg

Vanier Park

Where: Vanier Park, Vancouver
When: September 29, 9AM - 2PM

Located in the heart of Vancouver, Vanier Park is without a doubt one of the largest cyclocross races in the Lower Mainland. Although mostly flat, this is a very fast course, favouring riders who can ride at the limit, and "dig deep in the suitcase of pain". Come by for a waffle. Or, if that doesn't entice you, Vancouver's beautiful skyline, or even the whales! (Yes, they visited the bay a couple of times).

Acadia Park

Where: Acadia Park, UBC
When: October 6, 9AM - 2PM

UBC joins the ranks of cyclocross racing hosts with a new venue for the 2018-2019 season. We couldn't tell you much about the course, other than that it's probably going to be great. Really great.

cultus lake.jpg

Cultus Lake

Where: Cultus Lake
When: October 7, 9AM - 2PM

Part of the Lower Mainland Series, and despite being far from home, this race happens on the Cultus Lake camping grand, right on the lake. And if you think lake, you must think sand. Lots, and lots, and lots of sand. It will chew up the bikes, and it will make your legs burn. But this is where the sand experts shine. 

aldergrove lake.jpg

Aldergrove Lake

Where: Aldergrove Lake Regional Park
When: October 7-8, 9AM - 2PM

Yes, you saw this right - October 7 and October 8 doubleheader! This race features gravel, fast gravel sections, a sand pit, potentially a mud pit (depending on the weather), and what the seasoned veterans call "The Beast"! "The Beast" of a climb will chew you up, and spit you out - and as your legs get heavier and more tired with every lap, the struggle gets real. So is the suffering - and you can see that on the riders' faces. But sometimes they're greeted with cookies at the top, so it's all worth it!

junkyard dog.jpg

Junkyard Dog

Where: South Surrey Bike Park
When: October 21, 9AM - 2PM

This is a race for the off camber and single track experts. Also, one of the few races to feature an uphill tarmac start, it will start fast and furious, then slows down as riders bottleneck at the barriers. The fast single track is what will separate the technical experts from the raw power riders, and the off camber experts will rule all.

pumpkin cross.jpg

Pumpkin Cross

Where: Maple Ridge
When: October 28, 9AM - 2PM

If you are still reading, congratulations, and stay with us. This is where things get nuts! How nuts? Inflatable minion costume on a bicycle nuts. Or all the GSX with bee wings and antennae swarming the entire field nuts. Don't miss this one. The crazy Halloween costumes are worth it.

queens cross.jpg

Queens Cross

Where: Queens Park, New Westminster
When: November 11, 9AM - 2PM

The crown jewel of cyclocross racing in the Lower Mainland. If you can only attend one race - make it the best one. Usually wet, rainy, and cold, this race is not anything less than a mud fest. This race requires a lot of strength, not only physical, but mental too. Taxing on the body, and taxing on your mind, as your brain will work overtime to find at least a sliver of traction.

bc cyclocross provincials.jpg

BC Cyclocross Provincials

Where: TBA
When: November 25 (TBC)

We will keep you posted once Cycling BC announces officially the date and venue. Cyclocross Master Wai-Ben Wong finished 2nd in 2017, can he win it in 2018? We sure hope so. Come find out, and witness the moment LIVE!

Cross, cross, cross, and cross. And more cross.


GSX Cyclocross Clinic

Time flies - it is August already! Time for cyclocrossers to come out of hibernation. Fat tire lovers, gravel lovers, beer, and bacon lovers. A fun, social bunch, who play hard, and party just as hard. 

Are you curious to find out what it's all about? Everyone is welcome at our GSX cyclocross clinic. 

What: GSX Cyclocross clinic
When: September 1st, at 9:00AM
Where: W37th Ave & Kersland Dr.

Hosted by the 2017-2018 runner-up Masters A provincial champion Wai-Ben Wong, you will learn the proper technique to corner, dismount, remount, and grab hand ups. Training tips, bike tips, preparation tips, and more. Even if you're not planning to race, come by to check it out. There will be snacks, coffee, and a bunch of people with a huge grin because...

Cross. Is. Finally. Here.


GSX Kit Store

We are happy to announce that the GSX Kit Store is now open! Jump on, and grab yourself some sprinkles. They go well with donuts, so come on down to some of the races to support (and by that we mean heckle) the Glotman Simpson Cyclocross Group!

Wednesday Night CX Practice

For additional practice, you will find members of the GSX team attending the Wednesday Night CX Practice sessions, every - you guessed it - Wednesday Night! Starting at 5PM, at the same location as the cyclocross clinic, and hosted by none other than James Birkenbuel, distinguished member of the Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition. James kindly donates his time to host these sessions, in an effort to promote the sport.

What: Wednesday Night Cross Practice (a.k.a. WNCXP)
When: August 15th, at 5:00PM
Where: W37th Ave & Kersland Dr.

If you are not averse to social media, feel free to join the WNCXP Facebook Group, as the location will change on occasion.


Whistler Fondo Discount

Date: September 8, 2018
Time: 7am
Location: Stanley Park

Last call to sign up for the Whistler GranFondo with a GS discount! See information below:

Code: GFW2018_GlotmanSimpson
Discount Deadline: August 22nd (next Wednesday)

New to this year, check out the Team Challenge at RBC GranFondo Whistler - The St.Regis Cup

Teams are coming out of the woodwork and registering for the Team Challenge. 

Start in a separate coral ahead of Alta Classe and regular Fondo riders
Men's, Women's and Mixed teams of 5-8 riders
$2500 at Gotham Steakhouse for 1st place
$1500 at HY's Steakhouse for 2nd place
$500 at Red Truck Brewery for 3rd place
Prizing only available to categories with a minimum of 3 teams

race report.png

Race Report: GS Women Play Pro for BC Superweek

(Words: Krista Matthews. Photos: David Gillam)

In the second week of July, as the temperatures rise in Vancouver, the local racing scene also turns up the heat. BC Superweek is a series of nine races over the course of ten days, all located in the lower mainland. This event has become one of the most prestigious pro-cycling events in North America with over $140,000 in prize money up for grabs. Unlike many pro-cycling events, BC Superweek also offers equal purse for men and women, including $12,000 for the Gastown Grand Prix first place finisher. This event brings out massive numbers for the women’s fields and some of the best pro-female cyclist in North America.

This year’s team consisted of a variety of experienced riders. BC Superweek veterans Emma Lujan and Janna Gillick were able to give myself, Krista Matthews, Madeline Spangehl and Sonia Taylor many words of wisdom. We each took on the week with different goals and expectations. 

Emma spent most of 2018 racing against pros in America and was looking to dust up her pack skills and gain a few good results. Janna, one of the most competitive crit racers in BC was also hunting for some good results, including an elusive finish at the challenging Gastown GP. Sonia who tested her legs in Superweek last year was working to improve on positioning and technical skills. As Superweek first timers Madeline and I looked to simply take it all in.

race report2.png

The racing kicked off with the Delta and Ladner crits. Janna and Emma took on the fast and furious opening weekend which set the tone for the rest of the week. The Delta Road Race had all five GS women and a guest rider Kat Innes (from local team Mighty Riders) line up at the start line. The highlight for the team was Emma’s bold solo move that had her off the front of the race for almost 40km. Not only did Emma receive some well-earned TV coverage, but she was also recognized by the rest of the peloton once finally being captured by the pack. Madeline and Sonia worked hard on strategic positioning throughout the race and I was thrilled joining Janna and Emma in finishing the race. 

race report3.png

Next up was the iconic Gastown Grand Prix, a race that throws everything but the kitchen sink at you. With 30,000 spectators, dodgy road conditions and a massive cash prize the hype is definitely worthy. After the first half of the race only about 30 women (out of 90) were left in the race. Although myself, Madeline and Sonia would have liked to finish the race, we were also happy smashing burritos and cheering on Emma and Janna from the sidelines. After a couple years of “figuring out” this race, Janna raced hard and smart and set herself up for an epic finish, contesting the sprint and landing her in 9th. This race is known for an explosive start and aggressive nature and this year certainly lived up the expectation.

race report4.png

Sonia, Janna and Emma continued racing the remainder of the week competing in the Giro di Burnaby and Poco Grand Prix, while Madeline and I tempered ourselves for the final weekend at Tour de White Rock. Tour de White Rock wrapped up the week by turning the heat and elevation upward. After a week of racing relatively flat and fast courses, both myself and Emma were frothing at the mouth for a little uphill. Emma gave the group a glimpse of her climbing prowess at the Crit by collecting a Prime and finishing in 11th. The steep climbs of the final road race were deadly and selective. The spectators in feed zone was a highlight for those of us racing and anyone cheering. Emma was able to pull through with an 8th place finish. Myself and Janna worked our strengths to place in the top 25.

race report5.png

An overarching theme from the week of racing was the spectacular support from coaches, teammates, volunteers and club members. Our spread at Tour de White Rock was so impressive that a soigneur from one of the largest pro teams asked us if we could help feed his team! This highlights how far, above and beyond, our team and volunteers went to support the race team.

Lessons were learned, matches burned, countless gels were eaten and the Glotman team wrapped up another successful BC Superweek. Until next year!

race report6.png

Cypress Challenge + Other News

Cypress Challenge

Date: Sunday August 12, 2018
Time: 9:00 AM start
Where: Cypress Bowl Road

With only two weeks to go, make sure you register for the 2018 Cypress Challenge today! 

Champion Systems Canada have provided the Cypress Challenge with a fundraiser. $10 from each hat sale will be donated to the Cypress Challenge. Stay cool with the Technical Trucker GS cap.

Store Link:


Jersey Pickup Dates

Date: August 10, 2018
Time: 4:00-6:00pm
Where: Glotman Simpson Engineering Office (1661 W 5th Ave) 

The next opportunity to pick up your club jerseys will be at the Cypress Challenge Pre-Registration. The final opportunity will be during the GSC Year End Party (in November). If you are unable to pick up your jersey in person feel free to ask a club member to grab it for you. 


Awesome Grand Prix (BC Provincial Crit Champs)

Date: July 28, 2018
Time: 12PM-8PM
Where: John Rogers Park (110 West 7th Avenue)
Registration & Info:

Come cheer on the GS race team at the last big race of the year! The BC Provincial Crit Championships is being hosted in our backyard. Bicicletta is putting on Awesome Grand Prix; a great event full of food trucks, beer gardens and bike racing.

Coming off of a strong Superweek campaign, the men’s elite race will see Alex Amiri, Jeff Wallace, Lee Isaman and Jem Arnold support Amiel Flett-Brown’s bid for the coveted BC Crit Champs jersey.

Get your engines started by watching Amiel’s perspective at the 2018 Gastown Grand Prix.


Seymour Challenge

Date: Sunday August 19, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM start
Where: 3625 Banff Ct

So you don’t think that setting a personal best at the Cypress Challenge is enough? See where you stack up on Seymour! The amazing organizers at Escape Velocity are hosting the Seymour Challenge on August 19.

Can anyone best Travis’ blistering time of 38:11? 


Champsys Personal Fit Session

Date: By Appointment
Where: 208-1080 Mainland St.

Champion System would like to invite all GS Cycling members the opportunity for a personal Champsys Fit. Members can try on the full range of items and learn the differences between them at the Champsys Yaletown office. 
Are you between sizes or unsure if you can squeeze into that race cut jersey? Set up a meeting with Natalia by email to dial in your fit.

Sea to Sky Nutrition Discount Code Correction

In case you forgot:

Sea to Sky Nutrition will be donating 5% (first time) and 10% (all orders after 1st purchase) of EVERYTHING we buy to the Cypress Challenge.

Here's how it works:

  1. Go to the Sea2Sky Nutrition website
  2. Pick your products (All flavours GUARANTEED!!!!)
  3. First time buyers please Enter code GLOTMAN1 for 20% off and FREESHIP at checkout. After your first purchase please use GLOTMAN
  4. Free Shipping to all members - Your supplies show up at your door in 2-3 days (which is the same as Amazon Prime by the way)
  5. Be sure to sign up to the S2S newsletter to be informed about new products and deals.



Hey GS! It’s that time. The Cypress Challenge is right around the corner. It’s the biggest event of the year for the club and a primary reason for the club’s existence. 

When: Sunday, August 12 at 8:30 am
Where: Mulgrave School, West Vancouver, on Cypress Bowl Lane

Did you Know?

  • In 11 years, the Cypress Challenge has raised over $2.7M. 
  • Pancreatic cancer has a very low survival rate, at just 9%. 
  • There is still no easy way to detect or treat the disease. 
  • Funds raised at the event have helped launch the EPPIC (Enhanced Pancreatic Cancer Profiling for Individualized Care) program which will study new personalized treatments.
  • Doctors from the EPPIC program have credited the Cypress Challenge not only with very successful fundraising but with raising much-needed awareness.  

As a member of the club, we are hoping you’ll get involved, so we’ve listed five ways that you can support the event. 


1. Register and Ride

This one’s a given. Have you registered yet? Do it now. Do it. If you’re not there on August 12, you’re conspicuously absent. Your organizing committee has set a goal of getting 1000 riders participating in the event, and we can’t do it without you.


2. Bring a Friend. Or Three

Tell your other cycling friends, other clubs, and your family members. As a member of GS, you’re empowered to be an ambassador for the event. When you consider that your participation and that of your friends can literally save lives, it should be easy to convince them. 

It’s a timed event, with excellent support, terrific sponsors and a great group of people. It really shouldn’t take that much convincing. 


3. Raise Funds

Every little bit counts. Although the event is always well-attended, the bulk of the funds raised always come the few, not the many. Hit your friends and family up on Facebook for donations, just to see what you can come up with.

One trip up Cypress too easy for you? Commit to riding for a PR and suffer your way to a personal goal. It will be easy to achieve on event day, with so many wheels to follow, and the “race day” mentality of such a big, fun event. Tell your family you're willing to suffer for their donations and then leave it all on the mountain on August 12.


4. Volunteer

If you’re not capable of riding, or you have a family member who would prefer not to ride, have them volunteer. It takes a village to raise this child, and we could use all the help we can get. From package pickup, to registration and check-in, to helping to set-up and take-down, it takes a lot of people to make an event like the Cypress Challenge happen.


5. Encourage Sponsors to Get Involved, or Donate an Auction Item

Know someone who would like to sponsor an event like Cypress Challenge, that brings together both cycling enthusiasts and the team from BC Cancer? Put them in touch with the committee, and have them donate cash, services or goods to the event. 

The auction is one of the highlights of the party that takes place at Nordic at the top of the mountain on race day. It’s always good for some last minute donations and has helped put us over the top of our annual fundraising goals in the past.


For it to work though, we need some desirable items that participants will bid on. Any item, big or small would be appreciated. Smaller items get bundled into prize packages, and big items can stand alone. Get in touch if you have an item or an idea that you think could work.


Can’t wait to see you there on August 12. You’re coming, right? RIGHT? See you on the start line! 

Ride Safety & Annual Mount Baker Registration

President's Message

Hello Club Members,

It’s wonderful to see so many new and returning club riders participating on our regular Saturday club rides. Our club rides are a great opportunity for members, new and old, to reconnect and enjoy a ride through the Lower Mainland.

As spring turns to summer, it remains important to maintain the safety of all our rides; use hand signals, pay attention, communicate, and announce your presence (i.e “group passing on your left”) as you pass others in your group or other groups (and not on the right or inside).

Over the past month there have been several minor incidents and as such, we would like to remind all riders that it remains their responsibility to ensure the overall safety of each ride.

  • Make sure you self-seed yourself in the correct group ride (Don’t feel the need to exceed your capabilities. Remember the goal of each ride is to have fun and ride safe);  
  • Speak to a ride leader if you have any questions about the route, pacelines, or ride etiquette;
  • Know and understand GS ride policy and essential group riding skills and signals. Click here for a quick review;
  • Listen to your Ride Leader. They are there to provide advice and support;

GS takes rider safety seriously and as a leading club in the lower mainland it remains vital that all GS riders lead by example, whether on a club ride, alone or guest riding with other clubs. So remember to arrive early, engage with the ride ambassadors, ride safe and have fun!

Mount Baker Ride.jpg

Annual GS Mount Baker Canada Day Ride

Date: July 1st, 2018
Time: 8:00AM departure
Where: Sumas Canada / USA border

The annual GS Canada Day Mt. Baker ride will begin at the Sumas Canada / USA border at 8 AM on Sunday, July 1st. The ride is approximately 145km in length, split into 36km segments. 

See route. Pre-registration is required to attend this ride. All individuals that register will receive follow-up communications confirming ride details. If you have any questions about this ride, or would be willing to volunteer vehicle support, please complete the form to contact us.


Sunday, July 1: Arrive at 7:30 AM. Ride leaves at 8 AM from Canada at Huntington / Sumas Border.

  • Parking is available on 2nd Ave and 3rd Ave. adjacent to the border. Do not park in the mall parking lots for risk of towing.
  • Cost: $20USD or $25CDN/person.


  • Passport and US dollars.
  • Insurance coverage

Each rider must bring their own bag across the border. Riders should bring their own clothing, food and equipment for the ride. Support vehicles will carry bags to and from Mt. Baker.
There will be ride support to carry your extra food, clothing, etc. 

As always the ride end at Bob’s Burger at the Sumas border so make sure you bring some USD.

If you have any questions, please email Edwin Cho at

Jersey Pickup.jpg

Jersey Pickup Dates

Date: June 27
Time: 5:00-5:45 PM
Where: West Point Cycles (215 E 2nd Ave., Vancouver)

The next opportunity to pick up your club jerseys will be:
Wednesday, June 27 from 5:00-5:45 pm at West Point Cycles (215 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver).

Note: Jerseys are only available during this time. The next pick up will be at Cypress Challenge Pre Registration (Aug 10th). The final opportunity will be during the GSC Year End Party (Nov). If you are unable to pick up your jersey in person feel free to ask a club member to grab it for you.

Sanctuary Cafe.jpg

New Coffee Stop: Sanctuary Café

Where: 13020 No. 2 Road

Steveston’s first bike-friendly community coffee shop featuring local coffee roasters and artisan baked goods. On the edge of Steveston Village in Richmond, Sanctuary is your place to find your peace and refuge from your busy day.  This is a great location to start, finish or stop along the way for a drink or refreshment.

All club members receive 10% off all food & drink menu items. The only condition, is that members must wear their club kit to receive the discount. Wear it proud and get a deal!


Registration now LIVE! Cypress Challenge!

BC Provincial Road Champs.jpg

BC Provincial Road Championships Update

We are proud to let you know that GSC had an amazing weekend at provincial championships walking away with the Men’s Elite and U23 Provincial Championship jersey!

Other notable results include 1st and 5th Elite Men road championships, 4th Elite Women TT championships, 1st Masters 30-39 TT championships, 1st Cat 3 women's road champion, 1st Cat 4 women's road champion, 3rd Masters 50-59 men road, 3rd Masters 30-39 women road, 4th Cat 3 men road.

For a club team GSC has a illustrious history at this race having held the women's Elite Provincial Championship jersey for the previous 3 years, we also previously held the Elite Men's jersey in 2015. Include all of our success in the masters and individual categories over the last 3 years and it would be a very long list indeed.

These types of results don't occur without sponsors, supporters, teammates so I wanted to thank each of you for your ongoing support for this team and this program. In terms of sheer volume of results this year has been among the most impressive in the history of GSC and these results could not have been achieved without each of you providing support.

BC Provincial Road Champs 2.jpg