Glotman•Simpson Cycling provides a number of opportunities for fitness and training depending on your goals and skill levels - whether you are preparing for a gran fondo, are interested in learning how to race, or are developing your group riding skills. We welcome individuals (that meet our minimum level of proficiency) to join our club rides to learn more about us. Please review the Drop-in Policy or contact us with your questions. If you're looking for rides outside of our usual schedule, connect with other club members in the Forum.

About our ride leaders: Each of our summer group rides are led by a ride leader (unless specifically indicated). Ride leaders act as a host of the ride, and are there to help navigate groups along the designated route, ensure individuals are riding in a safe manner, and facilitate any concerns. Many of our ride leaders have coaching accreditation and extensive years of training, performance and competitive experience. Ride leaders always welcome feedback and encourage individuals to ask questions, voice a concern, or even tell us how much fun you're having.

Saturday Club Rides

Throughout the year, club rides vary in routes, meeting locations and times. Spring to Fall turnout is larger so riders will be divided within Groups A, B, and C. Refer to the pictured map below for group meeting locations. Our goal is to ensure our group rides and safe and fun! If you're seeking to learn more about the club, read our Drop-in Policy or contact us with your questions. We recommend drop-ins attend the Saturday group rides only.


  • Summer Riding Schedule (April 1 - September 30) Summer group ride time is 7am for the early ride, and 8:30 AM for the main ride for all groups, and will follow the Richmond route. Start location: Upper parking level (above No Frills) on West 4th Ave at Alma St. Please note there is NO Richmond ride on the last Saturday of each month when the North Shore Ride is hosted. Ride expectation: Groups will contain no more than 12 riders. Riders may be divided within each group based on skill level and safety.
  • North Shore Ride - Last Saturday Of Every Month (April 1 - September 30): Hosted on the last Saturday of every month during the summer schedule, ride time is 7am for the early ride, 8:30 AM for the main ride for all groups, and travels along the North Shore route. Start location: Alley parking lot behind Bean Around The World on Marine Drive just West of 15th. Ride expectation: Groups will contain no more than 8 riders, and ride in single paceline the entire route.
  • Alternate Saturday Destination:  (April 1 - September 30) Start time: 7am and 8:30AM
    For the adventurous, we are testing an optional Saturday route to Deep Cove and (optionally) Mt. Seymour. Starting location:  Upper Parking Lot at 4th and Alma. Finish location: Deep Cove or Mt. Seymour. Rest Stops: Deep Cove. Expectations:  One B group if there is interest- 12 Rider maximum group size.
  • Winter Riding Schedule (October 1 - March 31) Winter group ride time is 9 AM, and will follow the Richmond route. During the winter there are NO scheduled ride leaders. Rides are no-drop and full length fenders are mandatory. Start location: Upper parking level (above No Frills) on West 4th Ave at Alma St

A Group - Cat 1/2/3/4 Racer
For experienced riders, includes intervals with strong efforts and drills. Riders must hold a valid UCI/CCA Cycling BC race license to join this group. Riders may be divided into smaller groups based on skill level and safety. Richmond Ride or North Shore Ride (last Saturday).

B Group - Enthusiast
Maintaining a steady pace, averaging 30 - 32km/hr, this ride may include drills designed to improve your group riding skills. Riders may be divided into smaller groups based on skill level and safety. Richmond Ride or North Shore Ride (last Saturday).

C Group - Social & Novice
For riders who need to gain confidence and skills, or those looking for an easier pace, averaging near 28 - 30km/hr. This ride may include instruction on cycling skills and safety. Mandatory for any first time or new GS riders. Richmond Ride (concludes at Iona Rd) or North Shore Ride (last Saturday). 

Womens Club Rides


Womens Group Rides are hosted every second and last Saturday during Spring/Summer months (same start time and ride routes as Saturday Club Rides). This ride is intended for B level riders, and is led by members of our Women's Race and Ambassador Team.

Glotman•Simpson Cycling is excited to continue supported rides and clinics for women this season. The goal of our female club ambassadors is to help fellow club members and women wanting to develop their road riding skills, from intermediate to racing, in most importantly, an inclusive and non-intimidating environment. If you're interested in joining a group ride to find out more about our club, please review the Drop-in Policy. You can also contact us anytime or connect with other riders in the Forum.

Sunday Club Rides


Fraser Valley Ride*: For experienced riders, take a scenic tour of the beautiful Fraser Valley. Rides will be held on the first and third Sunday of every month during Spring/Summer season. This is a challenging ride intended for B level riders and above, who are self-sufficient, and who are capable of riding +100km at 30km/hr average with minimal stops. Assuming that riders meet the above criteria, this will be a no-drop ride. 
Start and finish location: Wendel’s Bookstore & Café (9233 Glover Rd, Fort Langley)
Ride starts at 8:30 AM

*There are two route options; one 90km (view route profile), and one 120km (view route profile). The shorter route will be taken if weather is poor or if turnout is low (less than 5-6 riders). Riders should still be prepared for the 120km route.

Sunday Belcarra Ride: A new route for this year, the Belcarra ride will leave from Olympic Village and ride east to Belcarra. Expect hills! Rides will be held on the 2nd and Last Sunday of every month.
Start time: 8:30AM
Start & Finish location: JJ Bean (188 West 1st Ave, Vancouver)



    Kick up your weeknight routine with an evening Stanley Park Loops (SLOOPS). This is a ride intended for A, B or C level ridersRide expectation: The group will leave in 3 separate groups for SLOOPS or an alternate destination if the group so choose. We recommend riders be prepared for travel during sunset hours, and are equipped with both front and rear flashing lights. Please note, there are NO scheduled ride leaders

    Start location:  Stanley Park Information Booth (beside the Stanley Park Horse-Drawn Tours kiosk)
    Ride starts at 5:30 PM.

    Essential Group Riding Skills and Signals

    Maintain a Steady Pace
    Group rides are not a race to “attack”, speed up without warning or jump around another rider. When slowing, break softly or leave room in front of you to decelerate. Use hand signals for hazards, obstacles, and when pulling off.

    Pace Lines
    Single pace lines will be used from UBC to Iona and narrow sections of Richmond. Always pull off to the left. Double pace lines include riders lined up in pairs. One rider pulls off to the left, the other to the right (never across the group). 

    If you see a rider get a flat, two riders should always stop to attend. If you are the last rider in the group and you see someone get dropped, ease up and ride with them. You can catch up with the group at the next rest point.


    Signal and yell to alert the riders behind you that you are stopping or slowing.

    Signal by waving your hand behind your back to move out from hazards up ahead, such as barriers or parked cars.

    Point out potholes and hazards. Do this well before the hazard is near and move over. Pointing and a waving action denotes loose gravel or debris.

    Pull Through
    A gentle flick of the elbow indicates that  you want the next rider to come through.

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