Drop In Policy

We welcome cyclists to learn more about us, ride with the club, and meet current members before making the decision to join.  We of course encourage this approach, but we are also limited in terms of what we offer due to insurance limitations. Please review the minimum level of proficiency required to join our ride, and scenarios outlined below. We recommend drop-in riders attend the Saturday group rides only.

Already a member of Cycling BC?

If you hold a Cycling BC license (including a BC Citizen license) and wish to drop-in, then you are already properly covered and may attend our Saturday club ride.  Come out and meet, greet and learn more about us. Our only request is that if you make this a consistent habit (e.g. more than 3 times a season), then you become a member of our club.  

Club membership fees help us pay for a number of costs and without them we would not be able to support our many events. Membership also has its privileges!  

Out of town, but hold a UCI license?

If you currently hold a valid UCI license then you are covered and may attend a Saturday club ride.  If you have just moved to Vancouver, please come out and meet us, but we ask if you're attending more than 3 times a season to become a member of the club.

Not a member of Cycling BC or any other UCI sanctioned organization?

In this case your options are a little more limited due to the fact you have no third party liability insurance. As such,  we are only allowed to provide one drop-in ride, to which you will need to sign Part 1 of the Cycling BC Waiver. After that you will need to become a member of Cycling BC, and hopefully our club!