Application: This Code of Conduct applies to all members of the GS Club (GS Club Members) and every person who is associated (such as friend, relative, coach) with a member regardless whether that person is a member of the GS Club. A GS Club Member includes a GS Club team member (GS Team Members).

Code of Conduct, General

All GS Club Members agree to:

  1. Show and express appreciation towards the GS Club sponsors, at all times among each other and to the public at large. This includes refraining from an even slightly negative comment of any nature, whether in a private or public situation. All matters, issues, concerns relating to sponsors will be directed ONLY to the GS Club manager in charge of sponsor relationships, who will address anything necessary.

  2. Refrain from any behaviour which would cause unreasonable disruption or interference in GS Club rides, other scheduled GS Club events, any type of training sessions, any competitions. and all similar mass cycling events. (i.e. fist fighting, shoving, abusive, foul, or profane language, spitting, yelling, brow beating, arguing, and any other similar form of behaviour.)

  3. Provide their service on a volunteer basis, at a minimum of once per year, for any annual events, charity rides, competitions hosted by the GS Club, or any other means of benefiting the GS Club Members and the GS Team Members.

  4. In the case of GS Club Members who race in any cycling competition anywhere, wear the current GS Club jersey designated for competition, and all other current (1st tier) or former (2nd tier) GS Club clothing purchased that represents the current GS Club sponsors, to the extent that a GS Club Member possesses such clothing.

  5. Monitor guest riders at club rides to ensure that those riders who are not GS Club Members hold a current and valid Cycling BC issued license. The objective is to ensure that no guest riders are posing a personal injury liability risk to the GS Club and its members.

  6. Abide by the laws of the road for cyclists, including but not limited to, obeying all red lights.

  7. Refrain from theft or vandalism of any property, hotel rooms, dormitories, training facilities, and equipment. The GS Club member held accountable for such actions agrees to reimburse the GS Club for any losses resulting from such damage.

  8. Show respect to all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, color, race, or creed. (i.e. be discreet in expressing and exchanging political, economical, and religious views in public.)

  9. Refrain from excessive use of alcohol and other intoxicating substances, and possession of any illegal substance, when participating in any non-GS Club hosted cycling event and competition, and any event directly or indirectly hosted by the GS Club or its sponsors. Each GS Club Member agrees to not drive while illegally impaired when leaving any GS Club hosted or other cycling-related event where alcohol was consumed by such member.

  10. Refrain from use of banned substances that are contravention to rules, regulations, & bylaws of Cycling BC, CCA, UCI, and the IOC.

  11. If applicable, submit to random doping control tests at competitions and at other reasonable times as requested by the event organizer, the Canadian Centre for Drug-free Sport, or any other authority designated to do so. Failure to submit to such testing shall be grounds for immediate expulsion from GS Club membership.

  12. Abide by the rules, regulations, laws, and bylaws of Cycling BC, Canadian Cycling Assocition (the CCA), the Union Cycliste Internationalle (UCI), the International Olympic Commitee (IOC), the Province of British Columbia, any host provinces, states, and host municipalities and venues. Each GS Club Member has responsibility to educate his or herself about cycling racing related obligations set down by each applicable cycling administrative authority.

  13. Abide by the Code of Conduct of Cycling BC, CCA, UCI, and IOC, as applicable. Each GS Club Member has responsibility to educate his or herself about the terms of such codes.

Code of Ethics

All GS Club Members agree to:

  1. Treat other GS Club members and cyclists (independent or from other cycling clubs) with respect at all times.

  2. Exercise self-control at all times.

  3. Respect the decisions of officials and other authority without gesture or argument.

  4. Show good sportsmanship by winning with humility and losing with dignity.

  5. Show that it is a privilege to represent the GS Club.

  6. Recognize and applaud honesty and wholeheartedly the efforts of team-mates or opponents regardless of gender, colour, creed, or race.

Code of Conduct for GS Team Members

All GS Team Members, in addition to the above, agree to:

  1. Abide by the roles and responsibilities set out in the GS Team Member contract.

  2. Express appreciation to the race organizers, commissaries and volunteers for their contribution at each race in which you participate.

  3. Be on time for all scheduled events ( i.e. training sessions, competitions, sponsor appreciation events, team meetings, etc.).

  4. For all training sessions (individual, team, or club), at any level of competition, and when requested for other scheduled events, wear the current GS Club jersey (“white one”) designated for competition, and all other GS Club clothing provided or purchased that represents the current GS Club sponsors.

  5. At each race, abide by the rules, policies, and regulations regarding rider/racer conduct and ethics mandated by the UCI, Canadian Cycling Association, Cycling BC, and race organizer. It is the responsibility of each GS Team Member to make his or herself knowledgeable of such obligations.

Disciplinary Process

GS Club members and associated persons found violating any item of this Code of Conduct (including Code of Ethics herein) may be subject to immediate disciplinary action, at the discretion of the majority of a three person committee comprised of the following (the Discipline Committee):

  1. One person selected by the GS Club Board of Directors, and

  2. One person selected by the accused party, and

  3. One person mutually selected by the GS Club Board of Directors and the accused party.

Any person may send a written notice (electronically or snail mail) of a breach of this Code of Conduct to the GS Club contact information set out on the GS Club website Upon receipt of such notice, a member of the GS Board of Directors will immediately convene the Discipline Committee in accordance with the above criteria. By no later than 21 calendar days of receiving such notice, the Discipline Committee must form a decision (either no action, outside of their jurisdiction, or a sanction).

In the case of breaches of this Code of Conduct that are also breaches of a higher cycling administrative body (i.e. Cycling BC or the CCA), the Discipline Committee has the discretion to decide whether the matter is solely outside the jurisdiction of the Discipline Committee and advise the complainant of that. Accordingly, the complainant must direct their written notice to the higher authority, who’s disciplinary and appeal process will apply. In that event, the GS Club will uphold, and apply internally, any decision that is made by such outside higher cycling administrative body.

In the case of a sanction being imposed by the Discipline Committee, a copy of the Discipline Committee’s written decision must be sent immediately to the GS Club Member that was responsible for the offence (or associated with the offending person if that person is not a GS Club Member). The responsible GS Club Member may provide a defence in person or writing no later than 10 days after receiving the Discipline Committee’s letter. The Discipline Committee will deliberate the defence, and may repeal or modify the initial decision, and that decision will be the final decision that stands.


The following is a list, though not an exhaustive list, of the possible sanctions the Discipline Committee may order:

  • First time warning for minor misconduct; zero tolerance for severe misconduct. (It is at the Discipline Committee’s discretion, on a case by case basis, what they agree is severe or minor conduct.)

  • Written apology to parties affected by the misconduct. If offence occurs at Cycling BC, CCA, or similar sanctioned events, copy of written apology to such organization too.

  • $50, $100, or $200 fine for each breach of this Code of Conduct, relative to the severity of misconduct. (The funds from the fine to be put into the GS Club pancreatic cancer charity fund). If fine is not paid immediately, temporary expulsion from GS Club until total of all fines is paid in full.

  • Expulsion from GS Club membership (one year or permanent).

  • Order for reimbursement to the person suffering financial losses resulting directly from the misconduct. If reimbursement is not paid immediately, temporary expulsion from GS Club until total of reimbursement is paid in full.

  • Prohibition of attendance at any GS Club related activities or events, in the case of breach by a person associated to a GS Club Member.